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Mapetrol Dry Chain Lube, a spray-on dry lubricant, blends a special oil to lubricate chains while preventing corrosion and guarding against environmental factors. Its distinctive feature is the long-lasting protective coating that remains after the solvent evaporates. This versatile lube works year-round for bicycle and motorcycle chain lubrication, providing effective protection against wear and corrosion.

• Excellent lubrication, anti-wear, and anti-corrosion properties
• Outstanding adhesion to metal surfaces
• Good oxidation stability
• High material elasticity for strong adhesion
• Reaches hard-to-access areas due to high crawling ability
• Waterproof, resistant to saltwater
• Reduces friction
• Good temperature resistance
• Does not damage paint or lacquer

• Clean the surface by removing old lubricant residue with a chain cleaner
• Shake the can for 2 minutes, then apply it to your bike or motorcycle chain
• Adapt the application frequency to your specific usage
• Store in the original packaging between -5°C and +30°C for 24 months of effectiveness



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