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Mapetrol Haldex Fluid is specially formulated, fully synthetic transmission oil designed for Haldex couplings of all generations, including Allroad, Quattro, and 4motion couplings, ensuring prolonged smooth operation of these systems. Developed to meet the specific requirements of the VW group G 060 175. Recommended for use in AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN, SEAT, SKODA, OPEL, LANDROVER, and VOLVO all-wheel drive vehicles equipped with Haldex, Allroad, Quattro, and 4motion couplings, meeting VW G 060 175 A2 requirements.

• Excellent lubrication and fluidity at extremely low temperatures (-60°C)
• Maintains a stable oil film under heavy loads and high temperatures
• Ensures fuel savings, smooth rear drive engagement, and longer service life
• High thermal-oxidative and chemical stability
• Reduces sludge and carbon deposits, extending oil change intervals (up to 60 000 km) and enhancing part durability, especially the hydraulic pump, reducing maintenance costs
• Contains inhibitors to protect metal parts from corrosion
• Resists foaming and cavitation for efficient cooling
• Compatible with all seal materials, preventing swelling, hardening, and shrinkage
• Reduces noise


  • VOLKSWAGEN G 060 175 A2
  • VOLKSWAGEN G 055 175 A2
  • VOLKSWAGEN G 052 175 A2
  • BMW 83 22 2 413 513
  • VOLVO 31367940
  • OPEL 1940057
  • VAUXHALL 1940057
  • GM 93165387
  • LAND ROVER LR 003136
  • LAND ROVER LR 054941





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